Baby Girl, Pokemon and Skipper

//Baby Girl, Pokemon and Skipper

Baby Girl and her brother Pokemon (pictured right after he came in) came to us in November 2010 after a serious altercation with a porcupine. They had quills everywhere when their owners came to the shelter to request euthanasia. They couldn’t afford treatment and it had been a few days since the ordeal. Eating and drinking is pretty tricky when your mouth is full of needles so not removing them is not a humane option. The owners and their deaf son loved the dogs, and they were relieved to know we’d treat them and try to find them a good home.

Five man-hours under anesthesia later, the quills were removed. Pokemon was adopted within a couple of days, but Baby Girl (the smarter of the two) kept getting overlooked.  She was also heartworm positive, but thanks to donations we went ahead and treated her for that too and waited….  A disabled older gentleman who had just lost his beloved old dog came to the shelter and fell in love immediately.

Skipper, a 2-year-old female tabby cat, came to us in a trap as a feral cat, but she was really a gentle, affectionate girl.  She had the most unbelievable fracture of her forearm – completely broken with no union of the bones and no hope of reconstruction.  Before we could schedule the amputation she broke with a life threatening pneumonia that we had to get her through…. But she made it and Dr. Joan Moreau of  Animal Wellness Center offered to do the amputation for EVHS.  She was adopted and is purr-fectly happy with her three remaining legs!

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