Bella Luna and Buckeye Blue

//Bella Luna and Buckeye Blue

In July of 2010, Bella Luna was 1 year old dobie mix. Her owners came in with her crying, unable to afford vet care. They didn’t leave her that week –  but one week later, one morning we found her in our drop box and we knew who she was.  We did x-rays and a neurological exam and she had a “brachial plexus avulsion” – a terrible nerve injury likely due to blunt trauma (a/k/a an automobile).  Basically she couldn’t  feel anything below her elbow. After a couple of weeks in foster care, there was no improvement but we kept trying, adding acupuncture, chiropractic and even water therapy to her regime (thanks to her awesome foster mom, Lucy).

She was adopted by someone from Colorado who enlisted the help of Colorado Doberman Rescue.  Long story short, the best and only option for her turns out was amputation of that front leg.  With a new name (Cieli) and plenty of energy her picture as of Sept 2010 was forwarded to us.

Also in July of 2010 , Buckeye Blue was another victim of HBC – “Hit by Car”.  At the time he was a 3 month old perfect blue heeler puppy with a femur fracture.  Luckily, Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic looked at the x-rays and did  the surgery for us for a very reduced price.  He is now the VERY pampered canine mascot (now named “Boo”) at the Black Mesa Winery in Velarde.

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