Bitsy and Bertie

//Bitsy and Bertie

Meet Bitsy and Bertie. Bitsy is about 2 1/2 months old and a little purring ragdoll when held. Bertie (also quite the love-bucket) is about 1 year old and has been at the shelter over 6 months now. She has patiently waited in a cage for
someone special to take notice.

Together they are my poster kids for one of the shelter’s toughest and most heartbreaking issues – ringworm. These kitties are otherwise completely healthy,chasing toys, beautiful/loving personalities…. but for one spot or two on their skin
that signals us to test for ringworm – a fungal spore that can be contagious to other animals and to people. It is treatable, but the treatment takes 3 to 6 weeks,twice weekly shampoos – and quite frankly the manpower and facilities we do not
currently have to ensure that the entire population of cats don’t become affected.

When I was a small animal private practitioner, when a kitty came in with ringworm it was a no-brainer for everyone. Of course you treat it. Done deal.

In the shelter world, with our facilities, the only option is euthanasia.


You have a group of foster parents willing to take on a ringworm positive cat or kitten and treat it. These homes should be without any immunocompromised person or animal and as a precaution should be without small children. If there
are other animals in the house, the foster kitty should be isolated.

Bertie and Bitsy are VERY lucky…. our feline foster coordinator is currently able to take them into her home to treat them. Marian reports that Bertie purrs through her baths.

My wish list:

1. Permanent homes for Bertie and Bitsy when they are cured in a month.
2. Two Wood’s lamps (one for each exam area) which can help ID the spores on
initial cat exams. They cost approximately $60 each.
3. Money to spend on the latest, safest and fastest antifungal medication
(itraconazole) and antifungal shampoos for treatment.
4. A list of saintly individuals who are willing to take a kitty to treat when the time

Before you agree to this, I know you must have questions and concerns that I’d be happy to answer. You can reach me at the shelter at 753-8662.

If you can’t foster, but would like to donate some money to the “Ringworm RX Effort” or to the “Misfit Fund” in general (For animals that need treatment of something before they can be adopted) you can call the same number. It’s a taxdeductible
gift and we accept whatever form of payment is easiest for you.Checks can be made out to EVHS and sent to 108 Hamm Parkway, Española,NM 87532.

Thank you for your support!

Gretchen Yost, DVM and Bitsy and Bertie

PS – Our previous misfits, “Bella” and “Tiny Tim”, are doing very well in their wonderful foster homes. Tiny Tim may be sent to Colorado next week where puppies are in short supply. (I’d love to keep him local so we don’t lose touch with
him though – so if you’d like to adopt him please let us know ASAP!)



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