Bo-Jingles and Mr. Butterworth

//Bo-Jingles and Mr. Butterworth

In December of 2008, Bo-jingles was a 4 month old male rottweiler who was already 40 pounds so. He was brought in by Animal Control – found running along a road. What was obvious from yards away was that something was very wrong with his neck. Under anesthesia we clipped and cleaned and found a piece of twine just 10 inches long tied around his neck. It was buried over an inch deep into his tissue causing incredible discomfort and infection. With some surgical intervention and TLC he is fine. He was adopted by Peter and is romping around the mountains and hiking trails of Los Alamos as “BoJo”.

Mr. Butterworth was an 8 week old male kitten and as sweet as syrup. He had a broken leg. The bones were in fairly good alignment per his x-ray, so we used a splint for healing. He was adopted and is doing GREAT.



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