Cassidy came to us with a history of having fallen from a tree. Maybe she was chasing a squirrel. Or maybe she was running from something.In any case, the fall left her with a limp in her left hind leg that has not changed for two weeks now. We were able to do some x-rays thanks to
Arroyo Seco Animal Hospital and no obvious fracture was found. There could be permanent ligament or nerve damage which means she’s a hop-along kind of girl with no more tree-climbing in her future.

Cassidy gets around great and is in no pain, but she needs a special indoor forever home.

Thanks to all of you again for supporting our efforts to treat and place these animals that need an extra boost.

Gretchen Yost DVM and Cassidy

Bella – getting prettier everyday with treatment and foster care for her mange
Tiny Tim – bounded off to Colorado on our transport (on all four legs) to be a
Rocky Mtn Dog
Bitsy – getting treated in foster care for her ringworm (still needs a forever home)
Bertie – GOT A HOME! – will go to her new family after ringworm treatment

Still need:
Special foster homes for ringworm treatment of kitties (hey, I just shampoo’d a
long haired kitty and it’s not so bad!)

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