Shelter offers fee-waived adoptions to fight shelter overcrowding

BISSELL Pet Foundation is hosting an emergency “Empty the Shelters” adoption event Aug. 16 – 22, 2021, an effort that has helped more than 59,650 pets find their forever homes in area shelters. The “Empty the Shelters: Big Dog & Cat Crisis” emergency event is dedicated to ensuring large dogs (40 lbs. or more), adult cats (six months or older) and senior dogs (seven years or older) get adopted into loving homes. During this nationwide event, BISSELL Pet Foundation will sponsor reduced adoption fees per dog or cat. This emergency event will be hosted in more than 80 shelters in 27 states, including Española Humane

  • Española Humane will participate Monday, Aug. 16 – 22, 2021, 2021 at 108 Hamm Parkway, Española, offering fee-waived adoptions for adult cats (6 months and older), senior dogs (7 years and older), and all big dogs, 40 lbs. or more, regardless of age.
  • All interested adopters can find more details about pets and the adoption process at

The “Empty the Shelters” event began in 2016 as an effort to encourage more families to adopt a pet into their home. Since its inception, BISSELL Pet Foundation has expanded its “Empty the Shelters” reach to organizations in 45 states and Canada, partnering with a total of 414 shelters. The goal for this emergency adoption event is to find forever homes for pets often overlooked in animal shelters.

To further support shelters in crisis throughout the nation, additional funding is being made available to shelters who can help others by transporting large and senior dogs and adult cats into their facilities. Shelters with higher adoption rates and the available kennel space are encouraged to support those who are struggling by accepting pets from other partner shelters. From August 23 – 29, participating shelters with successful adoption events will receive grants for each pet they transport into their shelter and place into the “Empty the Shelters” adoption event.

“Our nation’s animal shelters are struggling in the face of overcrowding, which makes BISSELL Pet Foundation’s ‘Empty the Shelters’ events an even more critical tool to ensure our shelter partners can find loving families for the pets who so often get overlooked,” said Cathy Bissell, Founder of BISSELL Pet Foundation.

This is the second time this year that Española Humane has joined the nationwide Empty the Shelters adoption effort, said Bridget Lindquist, executive director of Española Humane. As are many shelters, Española Humane is operating at capacity and adoptions are critical now.

“We are grateful for the BISSELL Pet Foundation in bringing national attention and direct help to overcrowding, especially to the most vulnerable pets at our shelter,” Lindquist said. “If you have thought about adopting, now is the perfect time. If you can’t, please consider fostering, even for a short time to help open kennel for other pets.”

For more information on adopting or donating to “Empty the Shelters,” visit as well as