Ailing dog finds help and love with team of believers

It takes a village for some dogs to find their way home. Thanks to South West Akita Tactical Rescue, Tootsie’s Vision, Kolby’s tireless fosters, The Furshire, and a team of volunteers and transporters, Kolby’s long epic journey has finally ended in a Christmas miracle: He’s home! Kolby was surrendered to us in unbearable pain due to an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder – the fur was gone, his blind eyes were bulging with intense swelling, the skin of his face inflamed and tearing apart. After months of medications and treatments to reduce swelling and to heal his skin, we were finally able to remove Kolby’s painful eyes in our clinic with our superhero Dr. Parker – it was no small feat for a dog of this giant size! Kolby’s heroic fosters through Tootsie’s Vision helped him heal from his surgery – physically and emotionally – and the rest? Well, it’s a magical miracle.

Please read the words below from the director of South West Akita Tactical Rescue, who cared for and placed Kolby in his forever home:

“There comes a time in all our lives when childhood begins to wane and, along with it, the magic and belief in Santa. Christmas becomes less of a whimsical affair – no looking up in the sky on Christmas Eve at the possibility of seeing a sleigh dart past the stars. No waking up in the middle of the night to the sounds of crinkling paper and jingle bells, our hearts pounding with exhilaration. No rush to hop out of bed before sunrise, no exuberant squeals or giggles or just standing in awe of the season’s enchantment.

And then, just recently, we found ourselves completely turned around …

We prayed morning and night that Kolby would be in his forever home by Christmas. Someone even made a secret wish when blowing out the candles on the birthday cake!

On Friday, December 18th, prayers were answered, and Kolby was lovingly placed in the arms of a beautiful couple who (to no surprise to us) immediately fell in love with him.

And we felt it. We felt the magic again. An absolute sense of joy – both powerful and inspiring. It’s the stuff we should all be grasping for. It’s something we wish for everyone this year – for many of us haven’t felt it in far longer than we’d like to admit.

This Christmas let’s let our gaze linger on the glimmering lights and ornaments as if we are seeing them for the first time. Let’s indulge in the sparkling sugars and sprinkles and frosting. Let’s surrender to the magic that dances through the air as freely as the falling snowflakes this time of year. Let yourself believe again – in something, in anything, in Santa, in love, in each other. Let’s embrace this gift while we can. It feels so good.

Merry Christmas to our precious teddy bear, Kolby, and his new Mommy and Daddy.”

From all of us here at Española Humane, we wish you a warm and loving Merry Christmas and the best and brightest New Year.