Meryl was found on the side of the highway and picked up by Animal Control. The officer carried her in to EVHS and told us she couldn’t walk.We immediately tried to relieve her pain with medications. On
examination, it was obvious something was broken, but in spite of her pain she was very gentle. She’d whimper loudly every once in a while as she changed positions in her cage, but when you stroked her or talked to her
she wagged her tail with vigor. We did our best to address the pain and hoped someone would come to claim her, but no one did. After 48 hours of complete rest and meds, we thought we’d try to determine what exactly
was broken if she’d let us. Some of her caretakers looked on as she actually slowly stood, hobbled out and then whimpered and collapsed. We all cheered. There’s hope! On day 3 she walked even farther and enjoyed
a few minutes outside.

We were able to confirm our suspicions with an x-ray. We’ve seen a lot of dogs with broken pelvises. Virtually no one in Española can afford the $5000 plating surgery, which is of course the best medical option. 95% of these dogs are sent home with anti-inflammatories and extreme R&R for 4-6 weeks as the bones heal – not in perfect alignment, but well enough to support walking and even running again. Meryl was less than a year old, which worked in her favor.

Meryl was fostered in a wonderful home that just couldn’t part with her.  She’s healed just fine and just needed someone to believe in her!

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