Nubbins, Max and Condi

//Nubbins, Max and Condi
Unfortunately, it is not infrequently that animals come to us injured.  Thanks to you and your support of the “Make a Difference” fund, we are able to afford to try to fix what is fixable for many of them.  In August of 2010, this trio of critters all came in within a week of each other.
“Nubbins” was a 3 month old solid black female kitten. Something happened to crunch her tail and cause the end of it to begin to die.  We amputated the last half of it so that it wouldn’t get infected.
“Max” was a 6 month old male chihuahua who came in with an embedded harness. He had grown, but it hadn’t and there was a large wound where it cut into his skin.  We were able to close the wound after cleaning the infection up well.
“Condi” was a 4 month old calico female kitten. Someone found her in an air conditioning vent, stuck and panicked.  She could hardly walk for the nerve damage from what must’ve been a terrifying struggle.  Within a week, the bruised, hairless areas caught in the vent showed evidence of severe tissue damage and skin that began to peel off.  The image of her little knees is too graphic to show.  Her nerve damage recovered with time and medsand then we focused on doing some serious nursing for wound healing. It took over a month for her to heal enough to be shown for adoption.
The extra surgery and nursing time plus meds for each of these guys cost EVHS anywhere from $50 to $175 each.  But it all paid off because they were all eventually adopted.



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