Couple find perfect addition to family

By Sandra Jamarillo
The New Mexican

“It’s never too late for a second chance,” the staff at the Española Humane say.

It’s never too soon either. Laura Mullane of Los Alamos helped her family channel their loss and heartbreak into love and second chances.

“When our beloved German shepherd, Miguel, died unexpectedly in mid-October, we were heartbroken, not just for ourselves, but for our other dog, Izzy, who lost her best friend,” Mullane said.

Having adopted both dogs from Española Humane, Mullane started scrolling its website, not expecting to get another dog for at least several weeks.

“It just felt too soon after losing Miguel to bring home another dog,” she said. But when Mullane saw the photo of a 2-year-old husky mix, something about her “silly ears and adorable hooded blue eyes” caught her attention, and she made an appointment for a meet and greet.

The moment shelter staff walked out with the dog, Mullane and her daughter knew they were smitten.

“Her sweet, squishy face and quiet disposition won us over immediately. So ‘we’re just looking’ 15 minutes later turned into us driving home with our new family member,” she said.

Mullane, her husband and two children named her Zora, and they say she is the perfect addition to their family and the best friend for Izzy.