Staff favorite is a quick learner, people person

UPDATE: Ruckus has been adopted!

Family is not just a meaningless word here at Espanola Humane. It strikes to the core of what we do.

Each pet who arrives at our door comes with a past and a story — some that we know and most that we can only guess about – we give them all equal love, the medical and the nutritional attention they need and reassure them their new family is coming soon.

Handsome Ruckus has only known one family since he was adopted from us as a puppy eight years ago. But when his family hit hard times recently, they knew they could turn to us for help.

Ruckus lived his life with a veteran and his family in a home with small dogs and a young child, enjoying his time outside for play, walks and tumble time – it’s clear that’s how he earned his name.

He’s quickly become a staff favorite, with his soulful, earnest eyes and bright, playful spirit. At first, he simply must have thought the shelter was a break from the routine and that his people would be back for him soon. But when they didn’t come, he started wondering what was up.

He craves attention, and we quickly learned that a treat would get him to sit and wait for a kind word and some one-on-one time.

Ruckus is a people person and can be picky about his canine friends but has made pals at the shelter. Despite his eight years of age, he remains a stout, healthy dog and could use a harness to help keep him focused while out on walks. Treats also help, as with any energetic pup.

As with all our pets, he is neutered, vaccinated, chipped and ready for love. If you are interested in adopting him or fostering him, please click here to start the adoption process or call 505-753-8662. It’s our Christmas wish that Ruckus spends his holidays filled with a family that loves him as much as we do!