Sunshine and Indiana Jones

//Sunshine and Indiana Jones

In August of 2008, Indiana Jones was brought in by animal control having lost a battle with a fan belt. His face faired better than his rump, tail and well – let’s just say he was partially neutered.  His injuries became an emergency situation when it became obvious that he was unable to urinate with his remaining parts.  We did a reconstruction of the area (what’s known as a perineal urethrostomy) and he recovered totally.  He was soon adopted and now  Dr. Jones says his high adventure days are over.

Sunshine was about 10 months old or so and she had a nasty fracture of her right hind leg. In spite of being in a new place and in some degree of pain, she never once even growled or whimpered.  Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic  repaired the fracture at a reduced rate for us.  She was adopted and is now “Ginger” from Los Alamos.

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