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We are sorry that you’ve lost your pet.

Let’s start by getting details about your pet so we can keep an eye out for him or her.  Please email our reception team with the following information:

  1. name of your pet and what they are likely to answer to,
  2. photos,
  3. a description about pet’s appearance — age, sex, breed, microchip number, collar and tags,
  4. personality characteristics, and
  5. details about the time, date and location where the pet was lost.

Email us your pet’s information.

Tips for recovering your pet:

  • Create a poster with your pet’s information and distribute copies of them to your neighbors.  Post in the major intersections where your pet went missing.
  • Put a “Lost Pet” ad in the Santa Fe Scoop, the New MexicanCraigslist, and the Reporter at no charge
  • Make regular visits to the local shelters and look for your pet.  While shelters do their best to reunite pets and their families, there are a lot of animals in their care and it is crucial for you to follow up.
  • Read this article about why pets run away and where they often go

Most importantly, take a deep breath.  The odds are strong that you will recover your pet.

Please note we will be closed June 8th, 2018 for an In-Service Day in prearation for our Summer Fiesta