Volunteers help every facet of our work, from support at the shelter to helping with adoption events to assistance with animal transport. We provide the training and the welcoming environment. Meet new people, learn new skills, and feel good about helping animals.

Onsite Volunteering

Spend quality time with shelter animals and get to know our team. We only ask that you be age 15 or older. If you’re younger, bring a parent with you. We want to make sure you have a safe and fun experience while helping our furry friends.

  • Dogs

    Help keep our dogs healthy by providing walks and interactive play. Exercise helps dogs decompress and minimizes the stress of being at a shelter.

  • Cats

    Socializing our cats usually means playing with them in the cat room. It helps prepare cats for adoption by introducing them to different smells, noises, and human touch.

  • Clean Up

    Help keep our shelter clean and tidy by assisting with laundry, washing dishes, upkeep of grounds and many other much needed tasks.

  • Clinic

    Work alongside our clinic staff to help monitor and recover animals who are being spayed/neutered. We also need volunteers to help trap and transport community cats in Española.

Offsite Volunteering

Don’t want to travel to Española? That’s okay, we have plenty going on in Santa Fe and could always use an extra set of hands.

  • Adoptions

    Help handle animals at adoption events in Santa Fe, which are generally Friday afternoons and Saturdays. You can also help by fostering a litter of young ones until they’re spayed/neutered and ready to go to an adoption event.

  • Puppy Patch

    Spend time socializing a dozen puppies and go home with a grin on your face. Our Puppy Patch at Ojo Santa Fe always needs volunteers to help bathe new arrivals, feed and water, and get them generally acclimated to the new space.

  • Transport

    Drive homeless cats and dogs to other shelters that have found them homes. It’s a lifesaving ride that can range from 4 hours to an overnight in Phoenix or northern Colorado. If you have a driver’s license and clean driving record, let’s get connected.

  • Foster

    Full-time fosters care for a dog, cat or a whole litter until they are adopted. It can be as little as a few days or can take several weeks. Bottle baby fosters care for neonates who need closer attention for 2-3 weeks. Emergency fosters temporarily step in during a crisis, which generally lasts a few days.

Not ready to volunteer? You can still help.

Every dollar makes a difference. Consider donating to Española Humane. And follow us on social media, sharing the best stories with your friends. It grows our audience of supporters and is a fun way to save even more lives.