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Pet surrender

We understand how difficult it can be, especially for those with pets.  Pets are a part of your family and surrendering them should be considered a last resort. We work to keep every pet in their family, through free spay/neuter, low-cost vaccinations, veterinary service, and other means of support.

Please review the following information about how you can keep your pet or ways that you may rehome your pet instead of surrendering your pet. If you must surrender your pet, please help us do all we can for your pet by filling out the surrender forms so we know the circumstances that brought your pet to us.

We accept pets by appointment only – this helps all pets in our care.

Surrendering Your Pet

Española Humane accepts pets surrendered by their owners in our service area. Click on the button below to fill out a questionnaire about your pet.


Parvovirus, Distemper prevalent in community

The shelter has seen an increase in contagious diseases in our community and asks the residents to ensure that all pets are current on their vaccinations. The shelter offers free and low-cost vaccination clinics. Please check our events calendar for times and dates. For more information on parvo and what you can do, please see this article from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Resources for Struggling Pet Owners

Behavior Help for Cats

The following resources may provide you with resources on how you can handle common behavior issues with cats:

Senior or Sick Pets

The following resources may help guide you with end-of-life decisions and serious medical issues with your pet.

Rehoming Your Pet Yourself

If you have made the difficult decision to not keep your pet, please consider trying to rehome your pet yourself. You know your pet best and will be better at finding a home that matches his or her personality.

Please consider rehoming your pet through Adoptapet at the link below, or check out the other resource links.