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Find Your
Missing Pet

We’re sorry your pet has gone missing. We want to help you reunite with your pet as soon as possible. Please take a look at the photos of lost pets who have come to our shelter by clicking on the links below and following the helpful tips.

Remember, most pets are found in your own neighborhood, so please make sure to ask your neighbors if they’ve seen your pet and post as many fliers of your pet in visible locations so that your pet can get home safely.


Missing Pet Help

Use these tips to find your missing pet. Please use the link below to file a lost pet report with us and increase your chances of finding your beloved pet.

Missing Pet Resources

Search Petco Love Lost’s website to look for your pet at Española Humane as well as at other shelters and rescues, and upload a photo into its image recognition database.

What to do Right Away

File a lost pet report with every shelter or rescue within a 50-mile radius of your home and visit the shelter if possible.

Walk or drive your neighborhood several times a day. Ask your neighbors and everyone you see if they’ve seen your pet. Hand out photos of your pet and information about how they can contact you.

Post flyers at local stores, community centers, veterinary offices, traffic intersections and in your neighborhood. Consider ads in newspapers with information about your pet’s gender, age, weight, breed, color and special markings.

It’s unfortunate that many people will take advantage of a traumatic situation for financial gain. To keep yourself from becoming a victim, make sure that you can verify that someone has your dog before proceeding. Ask someone to send a photo of your pet and be wary of those who ask for money upfront.

Use social media and other forms of the internet to widen your search for your lost pet, and consider local groups such as Lost Pet Santa Fe and CraigsList.

A pet has a better chance of being returned home if they always wear a collar and an ID tag with your name, address and telephone number. Pets who have been lost for months and even years have found been reunited.


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