Rescue Report
The Santa Fe New Mexican
Carlyle is a tiny but mighty warrior. This itsy bitsy Yorkie was found lifeless in the middle of traffic by a good Samaritan — she appeared to have been hit by a car, and he didn’t think she was still alive. But as he drove by, he saw her move, slammed on the brakes, plucked her from the road and rushed her to Dr. Kathleen Ramsay at Cottonwood Vet Clinic in Española.
Said Mattie Allen of Española Humane: “When Dr. Ramsay called us, I drove over right away and promised we would give her time and love, the two best medicines for all healing, in addition to diagnostics [and] veterinary support. And I decided that I would foster this tough little cookie myself.”
Carlyle was mostly unconscious for three days, curled in a circle before she finally started to wake up. Even then, her prognosis for recovery and quality of life was guarded. Her neck was terribly swollen, her vital signs remained abnormal, and brain trauma made her wobbly, stiff and lethargic; she seemed to be off in a dreamland. Medications started to reduce the massive inflammation in her brain and neck, and she slowly started to walk again.

“Once she started to recover, there really was no stopping her,” Allen said. “Physically, she improved by leaps and bounds daily. However, she was fearful of touch and had no interest in making friends, so she had some mental and emotional trauma to work through, too. But with time, gentleness and a lot of high-value treats, she started to think people might be OK, and she started to follow me everywhere like a little shadow.”
Against all odds, after a few weeks, this tiny warrior was ready to begin her second chance at a new beginning with a forever family.
Laurie and Colleen Goddard of Los Alamos leaped at the chance to adopt her, and it was love at first sight. “She is adjusting well to our home and training us slowly in how she plans to run the show,” Laurie Goddard said. “Good thing I don’t mind not being in control.” The Goddards report that Carlyle has fully recovered — running up and down stairs, going for truck rides, and enjoying her walks and playtime. “Thank you for this precious gift.”