Donations sought to offset costs for Kolby

A handsome teddy bear of a dog has a new home today thanks to teamwork and the determination of the Española Humane clinic who went the extra distance for a suffering pup.

Kolby, a blind Akita, was recently surrendered to the shelter in great pain. His pain was so great, shelter workers say, that his personality had deteriorated and his bulging eyes and raw skin made his face monstrous to look at. Still, the clinic team knew they had to try to help him.

Through consultations and research, the veterinarians determined Kolby has a severe autoimmune disorder that attacked his eyes and the surrounding skin. The team was able to develop both a short- and long-term treatment plan for him, which eased his pain immediately.

Healing, however, is always a long-term proposition and it would take weeks for his raw skin to heal before we could remove his painful eyes. We understood a dog his size would need a unique foster and adopter.

We reached out to Tootsie’s Vision, a rescue organization for visually impaired dogs and within 24 hours Kolby had an experienced foster and within a day in foster, his family knew they had found a new forever home.

Our vet team offered to do the expensive and complicated surgery to remove both of Kolby’s eyes at no cost to the adopter and he is now back with his family recovering perfectly.

This cuddly mama’s boy is loving his mountain home with all kinds of animals, including a blind German shepherd brother.

Donate at to help us recoup $2,500 in surgery, treatment, and care costs, and to help us help more pets like Kolby get the second chance they deserve.

Kolby is pictured above during his big day in the OR with Dr. Parker and meeting up with his parents in Albuquerque. Thank you to everyone who has opened their hearts to help Kolby find his way home – it took a team of vets, techs, shelter staff, volunteers, and drivers – and thank you to his forever family for giving this giant lovebug his new forever home.