Senior pup’s medical issues can’t dim her sparkle

Santa Fe resident Missy Wolf, an emergency room nurse at Presbyterian Española Hospital, said seeing 8-year-old Daisy’s photos on social media revealed “a kindness in her eyes that just spoke to us.”

Daisy happens to be deaf, and when she arrived at Española Humane, workers noticed she had skin cancer. Her lack of hearing turned out to be her superpower, allowing her other instincts and virtues to blossom more brightly.

After surgery in the clinic, two types of skin cancer were diagnosed and treated. But neither age, deafness, nor cancer could ever dim this dog’s sparkle, and 14 weeks after her arrival and months spent in foster care, Daisy found her forever home.

Wolf and her partner, Jamie Lenfesty, also have another special-needs dog named Niko.

“Having taken care of Niko when he lost his leg gave us a real appreciation for the bond one can form with an animal who is faced with adversity,” Missy said. Daisy settled in quickly.

“Daisy has blended into our home beautifully. The reality is that her sweetness and gentleness are even more profound than those first Instagram pictures showed,” she added.

Española Humane is an open admission shelter welcoming all pets, regardless of age, illness, injury – or superpower.