Become a Foster Family for Española Humane

We always need Foster Families because of the many pets that can fill up the Shelter.
And especially when kitten season starts in the Spring.
If you would like to help fostering, please fill out the
Foster Application BELOW to start the process.

Most animals that arrive at Española Humane are strays or pets given up by their owners.
If you are not in crisis, please hold any animals for the next three weeks during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The animal shelter is almost full and we need to save space for the sick or injured.
If you find a friendly stray, please keep the dog or cat at home until the animal shelter is back to normal.

Española Humane will continue to take:
1. Young puppies and kittens
2. Injured or sick dogs
3. Dangerous or aggressive dogs

Thank you for helping us during this difficult time.
Stay healthy and safe!

Foster Parent Application

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • PETS

  • The purpose of this questionnaire is NOT to quiz you on your capabilities as a dog owner, but to find out what kind of animals you are willing to foster, how often you are willing to foster, etc., so that we can find the best possible matches between dogs and their foster parents. Answering "no" to a question does not necessarily preclude you as a foster parent; it just influences your pairing.