Stockton Colt, Board Member


Prior to his work with local nonprofits, Stockton Colt was a partner for over two decades with Willis Towers Watson, a large international consulting firm. He led its global consulting practice in sales force effectiveness. Since moving to Santa Fe, Stock has chaired the boards of directors of SWAIA, producer of the world's largest indigenous

Stockton Colt, Board Member2023-08-27T10:45:45-07:00

Sandra Shell, Board Member


Sandra M. Shell, CPA/ABV, CVA has over forty years of experience in public accounting. Her work has included financial statements analysis, financial projections of business operations, managerial consulting, all areas of taxation including trusts and estates, preparation of business plans, and business valuations for gifting and estate planning. Sandra is a tax partner with the

Sandra Shell, Board Member2023-08-27T10:40:16-07:00

Linda Osborne, Board Member


Linda Osborne moved to Santa Fe in 1998 from San Francisco, where she had run the Physicians Reimbursement Fund, a doctor-owned medical malpractice insurance program for 200 surgeons in the Bay Area. Before that, she had been a freelance medical writer/graphics consultant with clients, including local hospitals, the Cancer Society, the UCSF School of Nursing,

Linda Osborne, Board Member2023-08-22T08:49:25-07:00

Carol Brummer, Board Member


Carol Brummer spent her career in Human Resources and Risk Management in the Los Angeles area, working for Farmers Insurance, Universal Studios and Realtor.com as EVP Human Resources. Since moving to Santa Fe in 2017 she has pursued both career options working for an insurance brokerage and a tech start-up before retiring and focusing on community and

Carol Brummer, Board Member2023-05-09T15:24:22-07:00

Diane Cohen Schneider , Board Member


Diane Cohen Schneider put her education (BA in economics from Brandeis University and MBA in finance from Northwestern) to use as an institutional equity salesperson for brokerage firms in Chicago and then New York. After she left Wall Street, her interest shifted to personal finance and advancing financial literacy. She also used her experiences as

Diane Cohen Schneider , Board Member2023-04-21T10:15:53-07:00

Carlos Duno, Board Member


With 30 plus years of experience, Carlos Duno provides a unique combination of executive and entrepreneurial roles, high-level consulting, and executive coaching, both domestically and internationally that allows him to quickly understand and relate to a wide diversity of business situations. Carlos has been involved with several non-profit organizations since he moved to Santa Fe

Carlos Duno, Board Member2022-07-06T07:35:21-07:00

John Brunett, Board Member


John Brunett held various financial positions in Santa Fe over the past 25 years, including as a senior executive for Los Alamos National Bank, managing their Trust and Investment departments. As the owner of a boutique financial planning firm, he assisted numerous individuals and small business owners throughout northern New Mexico in achieving their financial goals.

John Brunett, Board Member2021-09-29T19:50:51-07:00

Dara McKinney, Board Member


Dara McKinney, an attorney, spent 12 years in private practice in Los Alamos and Santa Fe before transitioning to In-House Counsel, Trust Officer, Compliance Officer, and then Senior Business Analyst at Los Alamos National Bank. She is now a regulatory compliance enforcement coordinator at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Dara has served on several nonprofit boards

Dara McKinney, Board Member2021-09-29T21:34:56-07:00

Lea Ann Knight, President


Lea Ann Knight, CFP®, is a Managing Partner for Better Money Decisions, a registered investment advisory firm in Santa Fe. Before joining Better Money Decisions, Lea Ann was a partner and Director of Wealth Management for North American Management, a Boston-based registered investment advisory firm. Previously, she had various roles at Edward Jones, Morgan Stanley and

Lea Ann Knight, President2022-07-06T08:13:09-07:00

Terry Riley, Board Member


After 30 years as an engineering psychologist, Terry retired and moved to New Mexico in 2008. Among other Boards of Directors, he served as President of the Santa Cruz (California) Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Chairperson of the Governor’s Advisory Board for New Mexico State Parks. Terry earned a BA from

Terry Riley, Board Member2021-09-29T21:36:38-07:00

Ardith Eicher, Board Member


Ardith Eicher spent 20 years as a marketing executive for Procter & Gamble and Clairol, and as a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company in New York. Since moving to Santa Fe in 2003, she has run a successful marketing consulting business catering to both business and nonprofit clients. She has also served on the

Ardith Eicher, Board Member2021-09-29T21:37:17-07:00

Mike Hodges, Treasurer


Michael Hodges assisted large corporations in raising capital and managing financial risk for more than 30 years. He served both publicly traded and privately held firms, spanning the credit spectrum from investment to speculative grade. Most recently, he served as Global Treasurer of Cushman & Wakefield, a multinational commercial real estate services firm, preceded by

Mike Hodges, Treasurer2022-07-06T08:09:35-07:00

Gayle Mills, Vice President


Gayle has been a Chief Business Officer and Senior Business Development Officer at some of the world’s most premier pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including Roche. In her tenure, she executed some of the industry’s largest collaboration agreements and was involved in the sale of several biotechnology companies to large pharmaceutical companies. In Santa Fe, she

Gayle Mills, Vice President2021-09-29T21:38:42-07:00

Susan Kiely, Board President


Susan Kiely spent 35 years as an executive for Macy’s Department Stores, the past 15 years as a Vice President in their Stores Division in Southern Florida. Susan earned her B.S. Degree from the Indiana University School of Business in Marketing and Business Administration. Susan, her husband Robert, and their two dogs, Sky and Coco,

Susan Kiely, Board President2021-09-29T21:39:18-07:00
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