Linda Osborne moved to Santa Fe in 1998 from San Francisco, where she had run the Physicians Reimbursement Fund, a doctor-owned medical malpractice insurance program for 200 surgeons in the Bay Area. Before that, she had been a freelance medical writer/graphics consultant with clients, including local hospitals, the Cancer Society, the UCSF School of Nursing, and the American Medical Association. A graduate of Connecticut College, she later attended San Francisco Law School.

In Santa Fe, she has been involved with the Farmers’ Market Institute, Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe, the Life Center Foundation, and the St. Vincent Hospital Foundation.

“Hearing about Espanola Humane’s involvement in animal rescue and adoptions and its free spay/neuter program, I’m thrilled to be involved now as a board member. And especially proud to be a part of a shelter that partners with such programs as Paws in the Pen.”