Foster volunteers are superheroes, helping us save lives by freeing up space at the shelter for more animals. We provide everything you need, including food, supplies, support and medical care. On any given day, about a third of our animals are being fostered by heroes like you. It’s easy, short-term, and makes a lifetime of difference. What are you waiting for?

Already a Foster? Check out our resources.

Whether you’re learning to crate-train a puppy or bottle-feed a kitten, our video library is brimming with helpful tips.

Crate training a foster puppy
How to crate train a puppy. Courtesy of World Ready Pets

Shy or fearful foster dogs
Bringing a shy foster dog into your home. Courtesy Maddie’s Fund

House-training foster dogs
How to house-train your foster dog. Courtesy Maddie’s Fund

Introducing foster dogs to others
Introducing a shy dog to strangers. Courtesy Maddie’s Fund

Kitten bottle-feeding
How to bottle feed an orphaned kitten. Courtesy of Maddie’s Fund

Stimulating orphaned kittens
How to stimulate kittens to urinate and defecate. Courtesy of Maddie’s Fund

Bathing orphaned kittens
How to bathe orphaned kittens. Courtesy of Maddie’s Fund

Solid foods for orphaned kittens
How to wean orphaned kittens to solid foods. Courtesy of Maddie’s Fund